Who was Alvin T. Smith

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Alvin T. Smith - an honored member of the U.S. Air Force, a faithful member of the American Legion, and a friendly, open-minded, caring person - had a desire for research, knowledge, and the search for truth. 

He was a understanding, friendly, caring person who could-and would- talk to anyone. From heads of states, to homeless people and kids. He always had some kind and/or funny words. He always offered his adorable friendly smile to any and all that passed. He inspired and welcomed life without even graduating from high school. His desire for research, knowledge, and the search for truth, however, had no boundaries. His thirst for knowledge, languages, the arts, humanities, history, and culture surpassed those scholars whose job it was to research and teach it.

He was a model citizen. Always willing to help out, offering rides and his own personal tools to the neighbors to crushing cans to recycle for the city. He was an honored member of the U.S. Air Force. He was a faithful member of the American Legion. He is an ideal husband and father. Unlike most of the modern world, the institute of marriage and family in the U.S. is still a joke. He, however, dispelled those myths and was a wonderful husband, and as his daughter puts it, "The BEST Dad in the World!!" Being a chip of the old block, he offered her more than words can say. In a society where kids rarely know their dad, he loving showed her life to the fullest. From trips to the family farm, to miniature golf. From pro ball games to monuments and museums. Although his only child was unable to have him "give her away" in marriage or offer him a grandchild, she seemed to offer his spirit through her own personality, determination, friendliness, and smile. He remained a  devoted, loyal, and loving husband, and a miraculous father until he made his transition to the ranks of the Ancestors on May 27, 2001, in his beloved home in Maryland, USA

Throughout his life, he researched, collected, and looked for knowledge. In all of his collections and material, the family decided to collect his educational work and make The Alvin T. Smith Historical Collection which consists of essays, excerpts, articles, pictures, props and artwork, seminars, historical discussion groups, and much more.   
It would be a shame if this knowledge was not preserve!

As they say, “The truth shall set you free.”